I decided to listen to this one on a whim...

Light from the Dark - Mercy Celeste, Derrick McClain

and honestly compared some of Ms Celeste other stories...in particular 'Midnight Clear'/'Need You Now' for me this one just didn't measure up. I was a little put off by Chris's 'I don't know what my sexuality is so I'll be ACE...oh wait, hot man sighting, I must be gay.' while admittedly I'm neither ACE nor gay, I am pretty sure that it doesn't quite work that way. I really think that it would have been a whole lot more convincing given Chris's lack of experience and how sheltered he was in regards to matters of sexuality, sexual identity and just sex in general if maybe he had just been portrayed as someone who was confused and a bit uniformed in this area but it was what it was.


The other part that just wasn't working for me was the extended breaks in the mystery part or the story that happened so that Micah and Chris could explore Chris's sexuality...you remember Chris, the 'ACE' character...trust me folks he was definitely making up for lost time.


There were also a couple of issue in regard to the mystery part of this story that I found to be a bit questionable so that wasn't really going tickity boo for me either but I'm not going to spoil anything for future readers by saying more than this.


Derrick McClain provided the narration for this one and if I'm rating strictly in regards to that aspect of things I'd probably be rating this a bit higher but in spite of the solid job provided for the narration it wasn't enough to make me overlook what didn't work so I'm leaving this one at 3 stars overall.