“Hometown Christmas” was my first Christmas story for the 2019 holiday season...and

Hometown Christmas - Garrett Leigh

...it turned out to be a good choice. I freely admit I’m not only a fan of this author, I’m also a fan of Christmas, so to me this sounded like a good combination.


Yani Nicolaou has sworn off romance and fled London with a broken heart. He’s all about making a success of his gyro stall at the Christmas Market. There’s no time or room for romance in his life, if he’s lucky he could maybe squeeze in a one night stand every now and then but that’s it…nothing more for him.


If you’ve read some of Garrett Leigh’s previous books…specifically ‘Between Ghost’, ‘Soul to Keep’, ‘Misfits’ and ‘Stray’ than you’ve already met Gavin and Yani. Gavin or ‘Wedge’ as he’s called by his brothers in arms appears in ‘Between Ghost’ and in ‘Soul to Keep’. While Yani appeared originally in the ‘Urban Soul’ series. However, if you haven’t read these books you can still comfortably enjoy ‘Hometown Christmas’ it stands on it’s own quite easily.


Gavin Richie is still adjusting to his return to civilian life after a 20 year stint in the military and running a homeless shelter..needless to say that’s all he has the time, room or energy for in his life…the end.


Lol, silly Yani and Gavin what they don’t realize is that love does what it wants and at Christmas time…love can do anything it wants including breaking down the barriers that two hearts have diligently worked on creating to protect themselves.


Yani and Gavin are a sweet and touching example of the fact that when love happens it’s not about the perfect time, the perfect place or perfect people. Love is that wonderful thing that happens when we expect it the least and need it the most. It doesn’t care how a person looks or if they think they’re ready for it…it just happens.


Yani has OCD and he’s been hurt but he’s still got such a bright, vibrant and giving personality. Gavin has PTSD and his hands are full with running a homeless shelter but he finds himself drawn to Yani and when Yani’s best friend convinces him to help out in the kitchen of said homeless shelter Gavin is happily surprised to see the attractive man from the coffee shop who he’d been unable to get out of his thoughts standing in the shelter’s kitchen.


Without a doubt Garrett Leigh has the ability to create characters that are simply perfect in their imperfections and able to work their way into the readers heart effortlessly. Gavin and Yani’s story is a heartwarming story of two people finding each other and falling in love during what is considered by many to not only be the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest and most stressful time of the year and yet these two men give of themselves not only to their community but to each other as well.


While this story is set at Christmas time and even though the time of year makes for a very nice setting for the story, this is a story that could take place at any time of the year or be read during any time of the year.



A copy of “Hometown Christmas” was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.