It’s been a while since Jacob and Ryker have seen each other...

Christmas Lights - RJ Scott, V.L. Locey

...and they’re both looking forward to celebrating Christmas with each other and with their friends form Owatonna U. Jacob and his dad have fixed up the cabin that’s on their farm and it’s ready to house his lover and their friends Scott and Hayne along with Benoit and Ethan for their holiday reunion.


But it seems that Jacob and Ryker both want the same thing for Christmas…the both want more time with each other and Jacob’s got a plan…it involves one single simple question and he just needs the right answer from Ryker for his plan to be a success.


‘Christmas Lights’ was definitely a shining spot in my Christmas reading. I loved getting to spend time with the men from Owatonna U again. Hayne was up to his eyebrows in paints and Scott was right there enjoying spending time with his friends but never really taking his eyes off of the man he loves. Whether it was a game of hockey on the pond or holiday movies Benoit and Ethan were ready to join in and to my fellow Canadian Benoit, I’d just like to say “Yes, Benoit. ‘Die Hard’ is an epic holiday movie.”


Sadly, it wasn’t all goodness and light for Jacob. There’s change coming for his family but sometimes in order to get the future we want we need to change the present that we have. Jacob’s responsibilities to his family’s farm remain a constant in his life oftentimes demanding more energy and attention then even he has and taking him away from the warm and loving man who’s finally in his bed again.


Jacob’s family like so many people are faced with financial concerns due to a number of issues and in ‘Christmas Lights’ we see not just the holiday fun and sweet moments but a family that could easily be our own or our neighbors struggling to survive in an ever challenging economy.  Leaving them to answer the question…at what point does the struggle to survive become too much? It’s a question that each farmer and small business owner can only answer for themselves. But for Jacob’s family it’s not just a farm…it’s their heritage, but at what cost? It’s a decision that’s going to affect not just Jacob’s parents but Jacob and his future with Ryker, in the end I loved how this was played out and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Jacob and Ryker and what these changes will mean for them as a couple.


In the end ‘Christmas Lights’ really does embrace the true meaning of the holidays. It’s about family and friends, it’s about hope and love…but most of all it’s about gifts that come from the heart and not the wallet. Definitely recommended for fans of the Owatonna U stories and these authors.




An ARC of  ‘Christmas Lights’ was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.