Five jobs, five chances at redemption and this is job #2…

Pros & Cons of Deception - A.E. Wasp, Walker Williams

Deception’s the theme for this job and the man that Charlie thinks can pull it off is none other than…’Bond’…Wesley Bond. What can I say he couldn’t resist, and neither could I.


Wesley’s a computer specialist. Some might call him a ‘hacker’ who specializes in the redistribution of wealth…a modern-day Robin Hood if you like. I prefer computer specialist since computers are his weapon of choice for his undertakings whether its redistributing someone’s finances or gathering information. Give him a computer and he’ll give you results and he’s going to need them if he wants to be successful in his mission to take down modern day slave traders.


We’ve not only got everyone back on board for this mission, but the team is growing. Along with Steel Alvarez comes Breck the man he rescued and fell in love with, in the previous book and with Breck, comes his best friend and fellow victim from book #1 Danny Monroe.


Wesley’s assignment takes the team to a vacation resort on a tropical island and while for some it’s a working vacation for Wesley and Danny the sexy, funny, smart, gorgeous and did I mention sexy? ex-prostitute…if you want to know what else you missed then do your homework and go back and read/listen to the first book…now, where were we…oh…that’s right Wesley and Danny, they’re going undercover as…you guessed it lovers…let the fun begin.


Once again A. E. Wasp has created a story that’s filled with action, adventure, drama, intrigue, suspense, danger and more than a few laughs. As Wesley and Danny begin their pretense of being lovers…which, is really not a hardship for either man given the strength of their attraction to each other.


Considering the fact that Wesley is the ideal image of what Danny wants in a man…he’s smart, sexy and those baggy clothes that he hides under haven’t really done their job because Danny’s sure there is one sexy toned body underneath it all.

Now if Wesley could just keep from being so distracted by Danny and keep his feet out of his mouth whenever he talks maybe he could actually figure out how to let Danny know what he really thinks of him and how he really feels…then their relationship could be more than pretend.


While I enjoyed Wesley and Danny’s relationship follies. This time for me the real star was the mission and the hijinks that were involved. In both the previous story and this one the times when these men were working together and wearing their communication devices were hilarious no to mention that this time around with the exception of Wesley and Danny the men were cast into ‘jobs’ that…well, let’s just say their qualifications were dubious at best and circumstances more often than not were entertaining awkward…between the scantily dressed bartender, militarized daycare and what sounded like a bathroom mishap worthy of Abbott & Costello with some interesting B&E on the side…well, things were entertainingly dicey at times.


The real mystery for me so far is…who is Josy, really? Because I’m pretty sure she’s not just a housekeeper/cook/den mother for these men and then there’s the question of Leo’s phone friend…’you can call me Al’, ok…but Al, I’mma just wondering what’s your real name?


Once again, the narrators were Alexandre Steele and Tor Thom and once again, I was delighted with the audio performance of this story. I’m looking forward to the next adventure in this series and I have zero doubt that I’ll be holding out for the audio book. After listening to the first two books on audio, I truthfully can’t imagine that I’d enjoy reading these stories nearly as much as I enjoy having them read to me.



An audio book for ‘The Pros & Cons of Deception’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.