About that cliff I've been hanging around...

Deep Spiral (Criminal Intentions: Season Two #5) - Cole McCade

Well here I am back with Cole McCade's latest episode of 'Criminal Intentions, Season Two' and while I thankfully feel that I can take a tiny step back from the edge of the cliff and maybe even breath a bit...not much but I'll take what I can get. 


Now before I get into my review for Episode 5, Deep Spiral...let me just say yes, I did read the preview at the end of this episode and I also read Cole's Q&A which comes right after the preview and I have my theory on what it all means and I'm going to have faith in Cole and stick with what I'm thinking until I'm forced to do otherwise...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Ok, now that we're done with the elephant in the room let's move on to this episode...holyfreakin'motherof$#$*&*%(*$(#!!!!...seriously if ever an author has f*$#ed with my emotions it's Cole McCade, without fail each episode in this series is a roller coaster ride of epic proportions and...well, quite honestly "I LOVE IT!"...what can I say I'm a glutton for punishment, so bring it on.


As it says in the blurb Seong-Jae and Mal are faced with one of the GRK's proxie's in a hostage situation and for most of this episode things were tense...very, very tense and when all is said and done we're left with the distinct impression that Seong-Jae and Mal are very much on the GRK's radar. As for Aanga Joshi...well, he definitely engendered some compassion from me. I think we can all agree that realizing that the person you love not only loves someone else but even if they didn't you would still not be right for them is a very emotional thing for anyone to have to acknowledge but I don't think Joshi's going to have the time to worry about that...things are happening.


Meanwhile back in Baltimore...things weren't any better. There really wasn't a lot of forward movement in the plot where Anjulie is concerned as a matter of fact her issues seem to be compounding and what will happen with Huang is still not clear but damned if Sade didn't prove what many of us have already suspected... they are not to be messed with. 


'Criminal Intentions' is without a doubt the type of series that takes a person on one hell of an emotionally draining roller coaster ride only to leave you sitting in that roller coaster car screaming... "Again!!!! Let's do it again!!!!" and as much as I hate the wait each ride has proven to be worth it.



A copy of "Criminal Intentions: Deep Spiral" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.