This doesn't happen often but...

Spectred Isle - K.J. Charles, Ruairi Carter

I received a copy of 'Spectred Isle' as a Christmas gift from my lovely friend Christelle, so
hugs and a big thank you to her...and no this isn't the part that doesn't happen often, that's the part where I read it and forgot to add it to my book shelf but what can I say holidays are busy and sometimes these things do happen.

But I'm about to remedy my oversight with a 2 for 1 special because I also discovered the audio book as part of the 'audible escape' program and so of course I needed to refresh my memory before attempting a review.

Saul Lazenby is an unassuming archaeologist, who's had a bit of bad luck and finds himself working for an elderly man who quite honestly seems to have more money than brains but Saul's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth he likes having a roof over his head and food to eat. His employer knows what happened to him. He's an honorable gentleman whose been very forthright with the details of his circumstances and his employer doesn't care.

Randolph Glyde is the last of an an ancient line of archanist and he takes his duties very seriously.

Both men are somewhat more than they appear to be. As their paths keep crossing and strange events keep occurring what starts out as mutual a relationship based on mutual attraction with a solid dose of mistrust soon becomes a partnership with the mutual goal of getting to the heart of what's happening as well as opening up their hearts to each other.

Before I wrap this up I'll just take a moment to mention that the narrator was Ruairi Carter who is a new to me narrator and did an awesome job with this story. I'm definitely going to be checking his backlist out to see what else he's narrated that I can enjoy to help pass the time until there's more 'Green Men' to enjoy.

While I'm typically not a big fan of historical stories, KJ Charles is one of a small list of authors who I know will deliver a really enjoyable story no matter what year it takes place in. Plus...there's magic and masons and if that's not enough there's 'green men' but of course you knew this right? Because the series it's call 'Green Men' so it only stands to reason and now for the sad news...when I went to see when I'd be able to get my hands on the next book the blurb simply said...please not this is on hold until further notice. While this makes me sad I have every faith that when the author is able to resume the series it will prove to have been worth the wait.