Wicked Guidance (Wicked's Way #4) - Havan Fellows Dear author, I need more Wick please tell me it is forthcoming.I have to admit of all the men in the Pulp Friction story Wick is the last one I would have envisioned bonding with a child yet he did. He is also the first one I would have entrusted that child's safety too. He makes things happen and he is a man of his word. Simply put Wick is magic. The banter between Wick and Kyle throughout this book was perfect and so entertaining. Then there is Ned and the fact that he sees Wick in a way that no one else seems to and isn't fooled by his tough guy exterior makes him perfect for Wick.Oh precious Wick you can't hide from me and you certainly can't hide from Ned. Yes, there is a teddy bear under all the snark. Wick just hits all the right buttons with me and I so enjoy him... now if only I were his type.