Wicked Incarceration (Wicked's Way #3) - Havan Fellows Oh Wick you are such a snarky SOB. From the first story in the Pulp Friction series I have adored Wick. I really don't quite understand why he's snarky, insolent and puts up a cold hearted front which most people are intimidated and put off by. Except with his friends, a very small select group of men. His interactions with these men are where glimpses of the real Wick can be seen, but even with his friends he keeps himself distant and isolated, I want so much to see someone get past that cold, solid wall of protection he has wrapped himself in because I'm sure that underneath there is a man who burns scorchingly hot with unfulfilled passions and a heart that is in serious need of loving. Hopefully Wick will find his own happily ever after soon.