A Silence Kept - Theo Fenraven Ghost stories not the usual for me but from the few that I have read this is one of the even fewer that I was glad to have read. Very well written and very well edited. The story held my interest from start to finish, I was involved with the events around Thomas, who was the ghost. His story was tragic and tugged at my heartstrings. Then there were the MC's, the live ones. Mikal running away from a failed relationship and looking for peace and quiet only to find a haunted house and Seth the ghost hunter. The attraction between these two struck me as being more of slow sizzle which was a nice change of pace from the usual flash fire that is attempted in short stories because of the lack of time available to go from start to finish.I really enjoyed this read and hope that maybe there is more to come about Mikal and Seth, they were a sweet couple and their personalities worked well together.