Lace - Jaime Samms Every once in a while I read a book where I think the author peeked into my life or in this case that of someone close to me. Lace blew me out of the water all I could do was read. Caleb knows he is different and all he really wants is to be loved and accepted for who he is and allowed to be that person. I watched this struggle in real life as a person that is so very, very dear to my heart went through it. Jaime Samms has captured Calvin's struggle to be himself and to find his place in the world so touchingly. He's not perfect, he doesn't do or say all the right things, neither does Levi the man who loves him so much more than he knows or understands. I cried a lot during this book but at the end they were happy tears for Caleb & Levi, for their friend Mitchell who wanted to make the world a better place for people who didn't want to be shoved into a box that they didn't belong in and for the person in my life and all those others out there who will read this story and say "Hey, I know this person." or "Oh god, this is me." It's good not to be alone in the world, even if sometimes for a while you companions are between the pages of a book Jamie Samms has created that companion for some in the pages of Lace, well done Ms. Samms, thank you.