Traveling Light - Lloyd A. Meeker Did I enjoy Traveling Light? Not sure, it definitely intrigued me and that motivated me to finish it. I'm not sure why but I just couldn't seem to relate to the MC character of Ian enough to find myself truly engaged with the story. At times I was extremely irritated with him and really wanted nothing more than to smack him in the back of the head and tell him to get a clue. However, in the end I think a lot of this was my personal viewpoint more so than the story or the way it was presented.I did find the book seemed to be a bit repetitive with it's symbolisms, euphemisms or whatever life lessons were being imparted to Ian at the time. Also on occasion the jumping back and forth between the real world and the spirit world became a bit disconcerting and had me backtracking for a paragraph or two feeling like I'd missed something. However, at the end of it all Travelling Light was a well written book and unusual story that left me with some food for thought and new viewpoints on life to consider. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something different to read.