To Catch A Fox - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day Holy cliff hanger, Swamp Thing! This is one sticky situation. Just when it looks like things are going to start to work out in walks the next villain and this one is quite possibly the evilest one of all, so far. This book was filled with an abundance of laughs, an unlikely romance, thrills, chills and plot twist galore and yes don't forget Snowflake! I can't wait for the next book in this series to be released. Fox and Tucker make a very unlikely couple but still I find myself rooting for them, when I'm not busy trying to make Fox understand that he's being a total jerk...yet still he has his moments and I do believe I like him...sort of...kind of...almost...maybe? Fox is one complicated situation. He's a man who needs to break free from his past in order to find his future and that is going to take some doing. Since the past keeps trying to hunt him down.