Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste

Could this story possibly contain more angst and heartache? I'm not sure, but I'm glad it didn't I don't think I could have handled it, as it was I didn't think the kleenex were going to last. I'm not even going to try and explain what happened here, I was so blindsided by some of what went on and at times had to stop just to get myself together emotionally. At the heart of it all are three men who loved each other so intensly it was almost unbearable and yet so incredibly scorching hot. So much happened to Liam that never should have happened to anyone even though he thought himself a coward and in some ways he quite possibly was, in other ways he was incredibly strong to have survived it at all, Seth and Kel were his strength and yet in their own way each one was at different times was his weakness and his downfall. Then there was wow, can you say total absolute f*#%ing bitch. She made mommy dearest look like mother of the year. This story amazed me and at the same time ripped me open emotionally, I couldn't have stopped reading it no matter what the desire to know what would happen to these three was relentless, I ended up awake at 5 in the morning reading because they wouldn't get out of my head.The author dealt with some really challenging issues and whether or not she dealt with them realistically to me doesn't matter because the book is fiction the fact that she was willing to address them and shine a light on them took guts and for that she should be commended. I would strongly recommend this story to anyone who isn't shy about reading books that aren't all sunshine and light because for me a lot of what was here in the real world is considered to be dark and very scary at times.