Miles To Go - Bailey Bradford very broken...I'm not sure when the last time was that I read a book with two such beautiful but damaged souls in it. I ached so much for the MC's, two men who came from such pathetic excuses for a family each seeming to be irreparably damaged and yet each seeing into the others heart and finding love. Bo and Max on the surface were so different, Bo was the throw away child that no one seemed to want, who substituted sex for love and Max was the abused child whose parents had no idea of what being a truly good and loving parent meant, yet somehow these two men came together and found a love that was good and healthy and real, each helping the other to heal.Were there things in this story that could have been better - possibly, were there editing errors - definitely, did I care not in the slightest because at the end of it all what I cared about was Bo and Max and the journey they went on that lead them to be together.