Return to Sender - Ashlyn Kane, Morgan   James At the beginning Return to Sender was a harder book to get into than I had anticipated mostly because it bounced around in the time line and as a result at times I started to feel a bit of a disconnect to the characters because I would suddenly realize that I had gone from a scene occuring in the present to something that happened in the past and sometimes the chronology didn't seem to be in order, having said that I loved the characters Emerson and Jonah were so crazy about each other and at times it was just amusing that everyone could see it so much clearer than they did. Once my brain started getting with the flow in terms of jumping around in the timeline I really started to enjoy this story and by the end realized that the fractured way the story was told worked. A good portion of this story is told through a series of letters between Emerson and Jonah which are incredibly sweet & dorky. While the love scenes between these two to say the least were warm & sensual with a nice sprinkling of the same sweet & dorky that was in their letters. Return to Sender ended up being a really enjoyable story about two young men trying to find their way in the world while working out the challenges of going from friends to lovers and whether or not they were willing to take the risk of losing a friend to hopefully gain something more. I think this will be going on my list of comfort reads because it left me with the best of warm, fuzzy feelings about love, trust and the ability to forgive and keep trying when something is worth holding onto.