Social Skills - Sara Alva OMG!!!! This book was fantabulous!!! Such an awesome book by turns funny, heart wrenching, passionate. Social Skills is a beautifully told story about a young many who enters college believing that his only true friend is music and what he finds is that there is a whole world out there wanting to get to know him better if he'll just let it in. I absolutely love, love, love Connor and Jared, they are wonderful together. Also so many of the secondary characters Connor's little sister, little sisters are awesome (of course being the youngest of 7, I would know this, lol), Jared's mom...what can I say she is what a mother should be loving, supportive, there for her children. Connor's friends...totally the coolest kids around, Jared's friends the ones that were truly friends stuck the rest acquaintances and they pass through everyone's life. Yes, there were a few people who needed to seriously get a grip Connor's parents, Veronica's parents mainly her mother that woman really needs a reality check, Mr. Football jock Michael, he may have been the better player but Jared was by far the better man. This was for me just a terrific reading experience and I would honestly encourage anyone who wanted to read an incredibly sweet, heartwarming story to try this very worthwhile.