Visible Friend - K.Z. Snow

Ok so there's 'not what I expected' and then there's 'Holy cow where did that come from?' and I say this in a good way because if someone had told me about this book I would have said "Yeah right, I am so not reading this, it's too unbelievable and reminds me of another book that I read which left me with a bad feeling in my stomach because at the end of it I felt like I'd been reading about a total perv." well Surprise, K.Z. Snow made the unbelieveable not only believable but very enjoyable for me. Somehow when I was reading the description of this book I just didn't grasp that the story was going the way it did so for me it was a totally unexpected adventure. I have the feeling Chris and Denny are going to be bouncing around in my brain and my heart for awhile, I loved them both.