Into the Light - Scarlet Blackwell Wow, I'm not sure which was more emotionally confusing the book or the reviews, I normally try not to read other reviews until I've written mine, but because of how I felt at the end of this book I thought it might help me sort out my thoughts on the book if I read some...yeah big mistake. I don't know how or why but in spite of whatever might be wrong about this book and I agree that there are things wrong. I still couldn't put it down. There were times that I was furious with Sean and wanted to shake him for being such an idiot. Eden on the other hand even when he was at his most obnoxious as he attempted to put up a tough front or whatever he was trying to do, he made me cry, he was so broken and I just wanted to hug him and tell him it didn't matter what he'd done in his life, what happened when he was 17 wasn't his fault in any way shape or form. At the end of it all I do have to say my hat is off to Ms Blackwell because like it or hate it, it's getting read, people are thinking & talking about the subject matter and in turn the book and for me one of the things that makes a book good is if it makes people use their brains to think and examine how they feel about issues and from what I've seen in these reviews people are definitely thinking and talking about the subject matter.