"Rainbow Place" where happily ever after comes with dinner and a drink...

Happy Place - Hamish Long, Jay Northcote

I took a little longer than usual to get to this one because after listening to the first book in the series I squirreled off to other things so when this story became available on audio I of course had to squirrel off to the audible story and get the other audio books so that i could catch up and now having enjoyed those stories here we are at the fifth installment of Jay Northcote's "Rainbow Place" series.


George is gay, in his 40's and has never been kissed much less anything else. George's upbringing has taught him that being homosexual is wrong and he's tried to deny this part of himself but after 40 plus years of hiding in a closet he's starting to find it harder and harder to ignore what he knows to be true.


Quentin's had his fill of bad relationships and he's not interested in anything serious and George is sweet and sexy and just looking to sample what it's like to be with another man...it's clearly a win/win for both men when they decide to hook up.


What starts as some no strings attached behind closed doors fun and sex for both men starts to develop strings faster than either man has anticipated and they find themselves navigating rougher waters than either could have anticipated.


We first met Quentin in book #1 of the "Rainbow Place" series Seb and Jason's story and the story of how Rainbow Place came to be.  Quentin's a reporter and he's fresh out a relationship that was bad...so needless to say 'cautious' is his middle name.


George was raised to believe that 'gay is bad' seriously 'going to hell bad' but he's also finding that what he was taught isn't what is or what he wants to believe...he just needs to get past what's been ingrained in his psyche.


The age gap between Quentin and George definitely went into the range that still makes me a bit squeamish, but the dynamics between them, with Quentin actually being the one to have the experience and confidence of being an out and proud gay man really helped to offset the actually chronological difference in their years. 


Hamish Long is once again the narrator for this installment of "Rainbow Place" providing characters with voices that were rich with character and depth. Having the same narrator for each story whether the main characters change or not helps a story to have a continuity and flow that resonates in the narrators voice with a familiarity with the authors world that can only be achieved by knowing a series start to finish the way one would if they had been a part of the adventure from the beginning.


I don't know if this is the last installment in this series but I have to admit I'm hoping not since there's been more than one engagement among these couples so I'm hoping there's a wedding story or two at least.



An audio book of "Happy Place" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.