Beneath the Surface - Kate Sherwood Beneath the Surface was a light, enjoyable read. However I much preferred Ms Sherwood's 'Dark Horse Series' and her stand alone 'Lost Treasure'. Interestingly enough the same thing that totally hooked my into reading this book was also one of my biggest disappointments. It will probably seem silly to most but for me it was one of those niggly things that my brain wouldn't let go of. It was the location. Southwestern, Ontario my part of the world and most specifically near London where I have resided for over 20 years. I wanted to see how the author treated the people and geography of this area, so needless to say I was disappointed when she used a fictitious town, there is no Rocky Creek in southwestern Ontario. I was so surprised when I read the location name my brain yelled "Wait! Why do I not know of this place? I've lived around London for over 20 years and in southwestern Ontario all my life and there is a small town, village, whatever that I have not seen or heard of, not possible?" So I googled and no there is no Rocky Creek. Ironically there is a gravel pit less than a half hours drive outside of London. I'm sure Ms Sherwood had her reasons for not using one of the lovely places that are around London and do exist filled with their wonderful and colourful small town people, it was probably a whole legal thing, I don't know. I just know my mind kept distracting me from the story wondering where in this lovely part of the world I would locate Rocky Creek and that was another part of the problem the name Rocky Creek just doesn't fit in, it sounds like it should be in Montana or Wyoming, I don't know just not in an area where the towns and villages have names like London, Lucan, Denfield, Birr, Ilderton, Clandeboye or Exeter. Sorry for the geography rant. I think I need to stick to reading books about places I'm not so familiar with that way I won't once again get stuck with the 'devil being in the details' to the point of distracting me from the bigger picture which is and should be the story that is being told.