Roughed Up - Hank  Edwards I felt let down on this one. I wanted to quit reading after the first 25 pages because it was all about the having sex and I'm fine with that a healthy relationship needs to include that. Problem was nothing else was being included except for glimmers of a potentially crumbling relationship so I told myself to be fair and stick it out. I did to the end and that was the redeeming value in this story about the last half of the book had a story a plot and held my interest, but even the last half of this story didn't give me back the connection that I had thought these two shared in the first 2 books, if there is another book coming I will certainly be willing to read it because I was left with a couple of unanswered questions and I'm hoping that Mark and Aaron will reconnect and once again be the couple that I liked so much in the previous books.In the end I gave this book 2.5 stars but rounded it up to 3 because I felt like the story made a strong improvement during the last half.