Darkness on the Edge of Town - Jenna Byrnes Overall I gave this a 3 star rating but because of how much I really liked the first story it's probably more like 3.5 stars.Story #3 was better than #2, but not by much. Nick & William totally win best couple in my opinion on this go round. Sam & Bobbie just didn't seem connected to me and Gil & Billie well they were like a couple of rabbits little f*$k bunny rabbits. Seriously Gil may have been having a dry spell after ending his 8 year relationships a few months earlier but once Billie showed up it was pretty much wham, bam & more wham, bam and did I mention more wham, bam oh yeah there were a couple of thank yous in there too. Suffice it to say that Gil & Billie had an intense physical relationship. Yet somehow I have to admit the author did weave in an interesting story, I just would have liked it filled out with more than yet again another naked romp through Gil's house. You know that the sex scenes aren't working for you when you start skimming them and your brain is going 'alright already we get it their horny'.I think that what saved everything overall is the fact that the characters carried through from one story to the next with a different one becoming the main character in each story keeping the focus from staying too long on any one character. Although I would like to have had more Nick & William.