Chance in Hell (Chances Are #5) - Lee Brazil It took me until this book to really warm up to Chance, I don't know why I didn't hate him but I didn't get excited about him like I did Wick, ok none of them excite me the way Wick does. But I love Marcus and Benjamin, Archer, Zach & Jeremian warmed my heart as they struggled to find their way together and somehow I drifted between liking Chance and wanting to smack some sense into him and now I feel bad because I think I just didn't understand him the way I should have. Chance was hiding from the world keeping himself safe from being hurt again only to discover that his actions might have been the thing to hurt him the most. I'm so glad that he and Rory found a way back to each other. I hope I get to see more of the man that Chance is becoming, I think I really, really like him.