The Lightning Struck Tower (Precog in Peril #3)

The Lightning Struck Tower (Precog in Peril #3) - Theo Fenraven Holy crap 5 stars...just 5, I need more so many more all the stars for this series. I adore this book. 1 & 2 were excellent but this one, this was incredible. Gray and Cooper are so adorable, so together as a couple. But then there was Wade, oh god Wade just broke my heart I cried and cried when he told his story and now I'm crying more thinking about it. Lily was...well she was just Lily and I like her a lot. I wish there was more, but that's always the case with any good read. You just want more, still the ending for Precog in Peril was complete it was beyond good. But dammit Theo, I'm not sure I'll ever quit crying over Wade, you broke my heart with him and at the same time you reminded me of how strong the human spirit truly is. I think I'll go hug my puppy now, he's been patiently waiting for me to finish reading so he deserves at least a hug.