Second Chance Summer - Diana DeRicci "Maybe not one person drew his interest or was considered attractive because he really didn't need anyone else. But did that make him gay? He rested his chin on the top of Brice's head. He didn't think it did.What it did tell him was he was in love with the person who could hold his attention, and thus his affection. Was there really a need to label it? He was in love. What else needed to be defined?Nothing."Years ago Jake made a mistake and he married her, but what he never regretted or saw as a mistake was the beautiful daughter that resulted from his marriage. Finally he's met someone who makes him feel things he'd forgotten he could and should feel. Second Chance Summer is the story of two people finding love, finding a second chance at happiness. It's a warm, loving, feel good story that should remind anyone who reads it, that we all deserve a second chance at love and happiness.