Blood Memory - Greg Iles

Ok so this is a first for me. I have read every book written by this author and I am anxiously awaiting his latest work, however, in spite of this I have never written a review on any of his books as it just seemed to daunting of a task. How does an average person like myself begin to express the sheer pleasure of reading a book by someone who they feel to be a genius with the written word. I don't know to be honest I just felt it was time to try. I have lost myself in the stories so often, I have raged at Mr. Iles villains, I have fallen in love with his heroes (yes Penn Cage you are the only man I would leave my husband for), I visited the world he creates and the times...never before has anyone prompted me to read a war story I just don't they're not my thing and yet I have read and thoroughly enjoyed both Spandau Phoenix and Black Cross they were amazing stories, I have wept over his story of youth gone wrong, Turning Angel but at the top of the list for me is this book Blood Memory. In these pages Mr. Iles deals with the traumatic subject of incest not the event at the time but the devastating impact it has on the victim for the rest of their life. This is woven around an incredibly well told mystery. I has actually been several years since I've read this book, 8 to be exact as it was released in 2005 and without fail I was there to catch it as it came off the presses. The hard copy of this book holds a special place on my book shelf along with the rest of Mr. Iles's books. If I could write a review that would prompt people even one person to read one author or one book it would be this author and this book, Blood Memory by Greg Iles.