Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2) - Santino Hassell,  Ais

I feel like I've gone through a war, train wreck, god I don't know. This was so amazing and yet at the same time so horribly traumatizing. Most of this book left both Sin & Boyd emotionally bare to the world. Surprisingly it was Boyd who ended up earning most of my disappointment and frustration.

Part way through this book it just became so abundantly clear that while he really isn't a selfish person he can be very self absorbed, I mean really Boyd. Kassian? What the hell were you thinking...oh no wait that's the problem you weren't at least not about anything other than yourself and your self perceived needs.

Next is Sin, god he is so incredibly damaged. It astounds me that he can function in any capacity let alone as highly as he does in some areas and I am getting so frustrated with how much people use him, it needs to stop...just...enough already.

I'm not sure what's become of Annabelle and none of my wishes for her are anything nice, she was such an epic failure in spite of everything and then we have dear sweet Vivienne, wow I'm still holding on to that die in a freakin' fire thought for her.

Ryan, oh I do hope this sweet little techno geek gets the chance to spread his wings and explore the world, MLE & I are hoping to have an anime marathon with him before he departs on his travels. It will be of epic proportions and epic fun, his going away party if you will in a cyber sense.

As to the rest of the book especially the ending all I can say is I was going to take a break and read something a little lighter, just a book or two before going back for more, but no I find I have already jumped into the next book, I need I must know what comes next. What can I say this is crack and I apparently am a crack baby.