Better late than never...I hope.

When Harry Met Sal - Ryan Field

When Harry Met Sal was definitely one of my early reads in the M/M genre and it was one of the books that for the longest time I would reread every time I couldn't find a sweet, funny romance that made me smile and laugh this was my go to book.


It was also one of the first books that I read by this author and of all the ones I've read to date this one by far has been the best for me.  When I fist started reading this genre I was to timid to actually do anything more than rate the books I've read and as time passed I have become a little more comfortable with expressing my views. This is not a long complicated story with an intricate plot so if that's your thing probably best to keep going you won't find that here.


When Harry Met Sal is simply a short sweet love story about two men who meet at the end of their college years and travel from California to New York together they have some interesting times on their trip and then go their separate ways, but fate has more in store for them and their paths keep crossing with each encounter getting increasingly harder for either of them to walk away from until one fateful New Year's Eve. Will the new year finally bring a new beginning for these two star crossed lovers? Check out what happens when Harry meets Sal. This book is filled with laughs romance and maybe a pig named Dolly.