It's been years...

The Gazebo - Emily Grayson

Ok let me start by saying it has been years since I read this book and I rarely read books like this even in my romance novels I want some action and adventure. I don't really remember exactly what made this book jump off the shelf and into my hands, I only remember that I devoured it. I honestly couldn't put it down even for a minute. I remember trying to cook meals while reading it. Thankfully it's not a long story or I might have burned the house down in my efforts not to be parted from this story.

It was beautiful, it grabbed my heart so tight that to this day when I see the book sitting on the shelf with the rest of Ms Grayson's books I can't decide whether to smile or cry. Oh yes there were many, many tears during the reading of this book. For me it was a love story of incredibly beautiful and moving proportions and here is where I remind you I don't do romance books. I usually find them to be sappy and sometimes find myself laughing when in fact I'm sure the author didn't mean for the book to be funny. I found the Gazebo to be a love story not a romance novel. In my mind it's a subtle difference that I'm not sure I could appropriately explain, but it's an important difference for me when deciding whether or not to read the book.

The story itself is not told by the MC's but by a third party who feels drawn to unravel the mystery surrounding their meeting every year at the Gazebo and the contents of a briefcase left in her office. It's told through the eyes of a third party who like the reader wasn't there when it happened.

It is a beautifully written, moving story that touches the heart and makes you hope that this kind of love is out there for all of us.