Done is done!

Side & Back Stories (In the Company of Shadows extras) - Santino Hassell & Aus

Well, I guess done is done. This is the end of my journey in the world of ICoS and what a trip it has been. The side and back stories were a bit of icing on the cake, but the final story the back story for Lou and Boyd it was the cherry on the top. So sweet, such a beautiful look at what was truly a formative relationship for Boyd. A chance to get a glimpse at the person Lou was at the depth of his feelings for Boyd, to share some of Boyd's precious memories but through Lou's eyes. That was the perfect touch of sweetness to end this amazing journey.

Who knows maybe one day there will be another road to travel down with these fascinating characters. I know I would happily take that journey.

To Sonny & Ais, I would like to say thank you for sharing the gift of your amazing imaginations and creativity with the world. You created characters of depth and feeling that we could care about and put them in a world that unfortunately is all to easy to envision.