Darkest Knight (City Knight #5) - T.A. Webb

This series has been such a different and enjoyable adventure. Each author has brought their characters to life giving them a depth of character that makes it possible for the reader to slip into their world for those few hours that the story allows. As well as the moments that tugged at my heart there were those bits of humor that slipped in as naturally and normally as they happen in real life.

Benjamin: "...he's had...he knows his way around the woods." Marcus: "He's a forest ranger?"

Marcus and Benjamin are so perfect together. I love their stories. But this one oh, this was so unfair. It broke my heart not and made me angry with Wick. Oh Wick, you need to get your ass back in town and sort this shit out. I was worried about your brother's failing you, but I see now this road goes both ways.   Most of all what made me cry and cry I did big old crocodile tears for Brady, Travis, Nick and all the real kids out there on the street without the love and homes they deserve that I know have inspired these characters. You portray them so beautifully Mr. Webb, you bring them to life in a way that few authors truly do, thank you.