Yeah, I'm done? Boo, hiss I'm done?

Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #3) - Santino Hassell,  Ais

Yep, I'm not sure how to feel about that little fact. I'm happy to be done, no not because I didn't like the book, silly people. The book was awesome that's why I'm sad to be done. Happy because I know how Gordon and Adam came to be. My curiosity has been appeased about them. I still feel like there's so much about Adam that we don't know and now that I've read After Midnight, I want to know the rest of Adam's back story (subtle hint).

I can't say that Gordon and Adam were more than two people that hit my radar when I was reading ICoS, but as I started reading After Midnight they grew on me the more I read the more I came to like them as individuals and as a couple. The fact that they managed to get together in spite of all their issues was surprising to say the least and endearing. Gordon while prickly at times was in a bizarre way also very likable. Adam tried so hard to maintain his tough guy demeanor but where Gordon was involved it was just not happening. 

What didn't surprise me was how much more I came to dislike Chance. The phrase 'waste of perfectly good oxygen' kept coming to mind. I've decided that he would be a good writing challenge for the authors, to write a story or possibly a book that would in some way truly redeem him. 

So in summary, After Midnight like ICoS was awesome reading, but still I'm greedy so in the immortal words of Oliver, "Please sir, I want more."