The Hot Floor is smokin' hot!

The Hot Floor - Josephine Myles

I really enjoyed this story. It was to say the least smokin' hot! I've read a few menage stories and like all books some are better than others, this was definitely one of the better than stories.

Josh is already full of insecurities and getting dumped by Kenny did nothing to alleviate any of them, then along come Evan and Rai a couple who seemed to totally have it together, or did they? They understood each other and in some ways were so in sync with one another but still something was missing for them. On top of this throw in an Amazonian BFF for Josh, a cute little old lady neighbor for all and a couple more quirky neighbors for some added interest toss them all into a poorly renovated home with dubious stability in the floors, add a flirty twink bartender just for fun, Oh! and let's not forget the owners of the glass works where Josh is employed and that rounds out the cast of characters in 'The Hot Floor'.

The only thing that truly irked me in this entire story was the Amazonian BFF. I mean really, do all females assume that just because a guy is gay he wants to spend an evening painting toenails and braiding hair or doing other girly things? I'm female and I don't want to spend an evening doing that crap so why would I assume any man, gay or otherwise would want to? Ok I've acknowledged my pet peeve now back to the book.

We have 3 hot men, a flat with questionable floors and an eclectic collection of friends and neighbors. What more could a story need...some hot sex, check we have that too! Boy do we have hot sex!

If menage isn't your thing, you'll probably want to keep shopping, if it is or you're not sure you might want to check this one out.