Ok so there are short stories and then there's 'damn, I blinked and I missed it.'

Up Where We Belong - Rob Rosen

This story listed as being 25 pages, but upon reading it what I discovered was that the actual story started on page 6 and finished on page 18 for a total of a 12 page story. I didn't really have a problem with this except for the fact that while I had intentionally picked it to read because I felt like reading something that was short and light. A bit of fluff if you will, 12 pages barely gave me time to get into what I was reading and it was done. I really don't know much about the MC's except that they were incredibly horny and exhibitionistic (is this a word? Well it is now.)

The premise again was good. Two men with the same name meet by happenstance in an airport, share a limo and from there things progress quickly to sex and more sex.

My previous experience with this author's writing was the book 'Southern Fried' which I thought was terrific (see my review if you want) and while I didn't expect the depth that I got from a much longer book, I guess I was more than a little disappointed with the brevity of  this story. I anticipated so much more from this talented author. I have every intention of reading more of his work just probably not his short, short stories but he's definitely worth the long read.