I finally found what I've been looking for!!!

Muscling Through - J.L. Merrow

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Thank you AnnaLund for encouraging me to read it. It was exactly what I've been looking for it was short, light, happy and did I mention happy. I've been wanting to read a book that would just leave me smiling from start to finish and this was it. There was small bit of anxiety at one point but it was resolved and all was good again.

I adored Larry & Al. Larry is a college professor and Al...well Al was just so special. No he wasn't a fancy, high powered, highly paid professional of any kind. He was just an ordinary, every day working man. What made him special was the way he was able to see the simple pleasure in life. To appreciate the gifts he was given. His manner was so unassuming and it turned out he was a very artistically talented man, but still he never perceived this as something that made him better than others.

Al & Larry shared a love that many search for and few find. They accepted each other for who and what they were without demanding changes. They saw what was good and right in the other. It was simple story, told through Al's eyes. It was a beautiful love story.