Left on St. What-the-F...

Left on St. Truth-be-Well - Amy Lane

I totally want to spend my next vacation at the Bates Parrot...mmmmm...no at the Super 8 across the road from the Bates Parrot Hotel, because I'm pretty sure that place is straight out of a Hitchcock movie gone wrong.
This was one of the funnest (that's right funnest) books I'm read in a while. I had a movie playing in my head from start to finish. 

Carson was this guy who was stumbling through life and really couldn't quite get it together, but he was nice and had this sense of responsibility that kept him tied to things that he shouldn't have been and Dale was like this laid-back Alpha (who knew they even made them that way). The two of them played off of each other beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed it and then there were the parrots. All the parrots...sorry if you want to know more like where the Bates Parrot Hotel is or why I pretty well smiled and giggled the whole way through this book you'll need to read it and besides admit it you really are curious about the title I know that's what caught my attention, well that and the fact that it's by Amy Lane and I always enjoy her books.