Secrets, what makes us have them?

Transgressions - Theo Fenraven

What makes us keep them and ultimately what makes us share them, give them up, show the world that part of ourselves that we were so willing to risk everything to keep hidden. Secrets, we all have them, guard them, do what we must to protect them, to keep them hidden away from the world and ironically we all want to know everyone else’s secrets.

Transgressions is the story of what happens when secrets that have been kept and guarded from the world start to slip out into the light of day. It’s the story of how two people learn to trust each other enough to let go of those secrets. It’s also the story of how in the age of communication we all have secrets.

Theo Fenraven takes us into the world of Sky a beautiful young woman, or is she? Zach a rising star under Hollywood’s blazing sun, but he’s got secrets and everyone knows that in the bright glare of Hollywood nothing stays hidden forever and what happens when someone else wants what you’ve got? What extremes will they go to in their efforts to take it from you? Who gets to pay the price when all the secrets are revealed? At the end of it all will love be enough? Will friends be there for you?

Sky & Zach, two people living lives built around secrets meet and little by little come to trust each other enough to let go of those secrets, to care about each other. But what happens to them when the rest of the world finds out? And what about everyone else in this story, Zach’s parents? His childhood friend, Ricky? Ethan, the spoiled son of a Hollywood studio executive, who thinks he owns the world and the world owes him? What are their secrets, after all we all have them?

I was so impressed with this author’s ability to create a story that drew me in from the very beginning, I wanted Sky and Zach to find each other they were perfect for each other and belonged together. By the end of this book they were my friends too and I hurt for all they’d gone through, for all that they had lost and been forced to give up. But I also had faith in their strength as individuals and as a couple to find a new beginning and be happy.

Transgressions is by no means a Christmas story, yet in its own way it embodies the spirit of the season, it holds forth hope and promise that if we have faith and follow our heart we will find our way to the happiness that life has to offer each of us if we just grab onto it and hold tight.