Nothing Serious - Jay Northcote

This was probably closer to 2.5 stars for me. To be honest about halfway through I was pondering whether or not to finish, but it wasn't that bad and the second half of the book for me was a little better so I'm glad I stuck with it.
Nothing Serious was IMHO a bit of fluff and hey there's no harm in that. I don't want every book I read to be life altering or mind blowing or so profoundly deep that I need to spend an week mulling over the implications of what the author has written. Sometimes I just want to read an book and enjoy the story. Problem here was how much I enjoyed the story was marginal, I am however more than willing to concede that part of the problem with my lack of enjoyment may have been my state of mind while reading the book.
So 2.5 stars it is, it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible. It just was. Hopefully my next Jay Northcote book will find me with an improved state of mind and a bit more interesting story for my mind to tackle. So there will be a few other books between this one and 'Little Things' but I am looking forward to reading it and it will still happen.