The Current Between Us was definitely electric!

The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander

Not sure why I'm having a hard time writing this review but I am. I loved this story. I adored both Trent and Gage. They were two strong minded, independent men whose lives had taken them down different paths only to one day land them in each others path and this is when things start to heat up.

Gage doesn't do relationships he's a career driven, one night stand kind of guy. Trent doesn't do one nights stands, but relationships haven't seemed to work to well for him either, he has responsibilities and he keeps them all nicely compartmentalized and separate from each other. It's just how he needs things to be.

Gage wants to wrap up his career with one final explosive report, open his gallery on time and get his hands on Trent in all his gorgeous hard muscled, masculine glory...but what happens when Gage wants Trent more than he's ever wanted anyone else before?

Trent wants to finish the electrical job at Gage's gallery in time for the grand opening, raise his kids, put some distance between him and Gage before he succumbs to his undeniable passion for the hot as hell investigative reporter that he's admired from afar for years. What happens when Trent wants Gage enough to risk blurring the lines on his neatly compartmentalized life?

When these two men finally give in to their desire for each other it's impossible for love not to follow but will desire and love be enough to get them through the surprise that awaits them both at the end of the day? Will there be a way back from the wedge that drives them apart?

Gage is determined to fix things, Trent is determined to cut his losses and run?

Kindle Alexander had me hooked from the start with this book. It was by turns sweet, passionate, filled with mystery and I had no problem wanting to read the next page, then the next and then I ran out of pages and at the end of the tale Gage and Trent were firmly locked in my heart as one of the hottest couples to grace my e-reader in a while.

The Current Between Us had everything I enjoy in a book. Strong MC's, passion, a wonderful supporting cast of characters, excitement, mystery and surpises...and did I mention really, really hot men!