'Tis the Season!!!!

Joys R Us - Kim Fielding

This was perfect for a Christmas read. I've had it sitting in my TBR pile for ages now and I'm glad I waited to read it. I needed a cute, fun, feel good holiday story to shift me firmly into the holiday mood and 'Joys R Us' did the job.

Reece (as in peanut butter cups, yum!!! Damn now I'm hungry) is the bah humbug guy and Angel (yes, that's his name) is the assistant toy store manager who takes it upon himself to give Reece a holiday attitude adjustment in a most heartwarming way.

If your in the mood for a quick read that will leave you feeling good and smiling check it out. If your looking for hot & heavy sex scenes, deep complicated plots or undying proclamations of love by the MC's probably best to keep looking, but come back when you want that quick light fun read, ok?