Colin and Martin's London Christmas - Drew Hunt

Colin sees in Martin all the things that make him amazing and Martin does the same for him and for me that's so close to the real world, we don't find perfect soul mates in this world or at least not all of us. More often than not what we find is a wonderful but flawed person who sees the good in us that maybe everyone else has missed and is willing to love us and be that one person we can always count on and if we're lucky, truly lucky we do the same for them and with a strong commitment and a lot of effort on both sides you get something really, really good out of it.

It's been awhile since I read 'Colin and Martin's First Christmas' book #1 in this series, but I'd have to say that my favorite thing about this series is still the fact that the author has created two very real characters they're not gorgeous, hunky, rich successful, everything they do turns out perfect men. Colin delivers groceries and can't cook worth a damn, Martin is blind and socially withdrawn, his <s>best friend</s>, no his only friend is his guide dog, Toby...ummmm well he was until Toby gets hit by a car because somebody left the gate to the yard open. Colin decides that a change of scenery is in order as he tries to get their relationship past this tragic event and convinces a rather begrudging Martin that they need to go spend Christmas with his family in London. Question is will they each be able to find and give the forgiveness needed to get past Martin's loss?

So far these stories have been fairly short in the 50 page range so there's not big complicated plot with convoluted solutions. Just a nice sweet little story about two ordinary men trying to make their life together work as best they can and maybe in there somewhere they get to have a Merry Christmas if all goes well.