Christmas down under, no Christmas joy to read!

Colin and Martin's Australian Christmas - Drew Hunt

Wow, I kind of wish I would have skipped this one. As cute as I think Colin and Martin are, their cute factor was sorely lacking. I like the fact that Colin still has a child like quality when it comes to being excited about Christmas, unfortunately more than once he went from childlike to childish, it's a fine line and one I was hoping wouldn't be crossed. As for Colin's uncle and his friends with benefits relationship with Bruce, there was no real connect made on that relationship in my eyes. I had trouble buying the friends with benefits much less any deeper feelings, I think this was largely due to the brevity of the story. A story this short just doesn't allow for any real relationship building.

This was probably more of a 1.5 stars than an actual 2 star read, on to the next and last book, hopefully things will improve.