Ok first off confession time...

Different Strokes - Nico Jaye

 I bought this book because it was written by one of my friends on GoodReads and I've always believed in being supportive of my friends. So I bought the book. Now having said that here is where the support ends and the honesty as a reader comes in.

I loved this story, Tomas is a serious competitive swimmer and his commitment to his sport is unwavering. This dedication has taught him to be single-minded in his focus when he wants something and until now being the best at what he does has been all he has wanted. Until Darren, one look at this gorgeous man and he knows he wants something besides to be the best at swimming, but Darren has a boyfriend so best to just move on. Darren is a massage therapist and partner to Christina, Tomas's regular therapist. Nearly a year has gone by and time and circumstances have conspired to bring these two men together again and Darren is no longer a part of a couple. Tomas is no longer willing to just walk away, but can he make Darren see that he wants a relationship beyond what they currently have?

These two men were so wonderful together, from their first kiss to the last word in this book I was drawn in and read into the wee hours of the night unwilling to leave them alone until I'd reached the end only then could I turn off my e-reader and get some sleep.

Different Strokes is a very sweet love story about two men taking a change and finding happiness and really who doesn't enjoy a story that leaves you smiling and hoping that everyone takes that chance, the one that leads to happiness and love.

My only real problem with all of this was I really, really liked Darren's friend Will, so I'm hoping maybe at some point that the author is planning on giving Will his own story? I think he has a lot of potential, hint, hint and I know I'll be more than happy to see the name Nico Jaye on future releases even if it's not about Will (But Will would be really nice and I bet he's demanding his own book isn't he? He seems the sort, lol) Well done, very well done.