God rest ye Merry Gentlemen, let nothing ye dismay...

Merry Gentlemen - Josephine Myles

Totally absofreakinlutely adorable!!!! I loved Riley, I adored Stan. I love and adored Riley & Stan together, even if they did make me cry. This was a light fun holiday story about two men who wanted different things from life and decided they would never be happy together so they went their separate ways. But time and distance have a way of changing things. Changing who we are, what we want even what we think is important to our happiness.

Years pass and Stan and Riley are reunited. The passion is certainly still there. As are the differences but what about the love? Is it still there is it strong enough to make them want to find a way to work it out?

This was a fun holiday read and in spite of the plot I didn't find it to be angst laden, it had humor and I loved the fact that even when things were good Stan and Riley were a normal couple who could have a difference of opinion and not have the world end, maybe even at some point laugh about it.

Merry Gentlemen was an excellent fun story that made me laugh, cry smile and remember that Christmas is a time to make wishes come true and then there was Scrappy...but you'll have to read the story to find out about her.