Looking for some Christmas fun? You've found it!

I Don't: A Christmas Wish - Kari Gregg

This is quite possibly the Christmas story to end all Christmas stories.

Seth loves Owen, has loved Owen since the day they met. Owen feels the same way about Seth. So how could anything possibly be wrong?

Well to begin with Seth has the most incredibly wacky family ever. They are determined that Owen is going to marry Seth now that it's legal in their home state of Maryland, no son of theirs is going to live in sin, even if Daddy has to get out his shotgun, by all that is holy they are determined that Owen will make an honest man out of their baby boy. Except for Lisa, Seth's homophobic sister who wants nothing more than to make life a living hell for Seth, but his other sister Brenda has his back and she'll make Lisa tow the line whether she wants to or not and let us not forget Grandma who says the only thing that a marriage license does it kill a perfectly good sex life. Throw in an amazing snow plow and a few shotguns and you have one of the funniest stories I've read in a very long time.

How I managed to put off reading this story from last year is beyond me, I'm still smiling and giggling over the dead microwave. I may have to make this one a Christmas tradition...oh did I mention one very hot, very steamy sex scene between our couple? Well trust me it's there and it'll leave you fanning yourself from the heat.

If your suffering from holiday doldrums, if you think your family is nuts, if Christmas shopping is sending you around the bend...you need this book. It's cheaper than therapy and way more fun.