So short, so sweet, SO AMAZING!!!!

Snow Globe - L.E.  Franks

I've been celebrating the coming holiday with Christmas story after Christmas story and so far each story has been getting better and better. Well I think that streak may have ended because I don't know if anything will top this one for me.

I was going to try and explain how in less than 50 pages an author broke me into a million itty bitty pieces and did it beautifully, but then I realized I'd have to tell you about too much of this story and that would spoil it. So instead I'm going to say that if you want to read a story about the hope, faith, love and joy that this holiday season encompasses, if you're not afraid to shed a few tears and you like your characters to be different and strong in spirit and so beautifully amazing then you need to read this story. I am so crazy about Kris, it's just not even funny. He is strong, adorable, amazing and yet so very vulnerable with an inner beauty that many hope for and few achieve. Tyr is...well he's Tyr, a big strong hulking, viking god, he loves his family and is so devoted to them, but they need more than he alone can give and that is all I'm going to say.

The characters in this story are so unique, so special in their own way. It's a short story packed with so much emotion. So worth the little bit of time it takes to read it.