Havan, you broke me again!

A Trace of Christmas Spirit - Havan Fellows

Overall this was probably closer to 3.5 however, there was once part of the story that bumped it to a 4 for me. Now what that is, well you'll have to read the story to find out of course. I was really expecting a short, cute Christmas fluff story and I would have been very happy with that. It seemed to start out that way and then out of nowhere Havan, you broke me. I was waiting for one of my kiddles to get done work so we could go home and start our Christmas fun and there I sat in my car, thankfully at the back of the WalMart parking lot with tears streaming down my face and again thankfully my make-up free face. I was broken and really not sure how to put myself back together again so thankfully, yet again, Havan fixed me. 

So in summary a surprisingly good Christmas story with a tear jerker moment in it, best not to read this in the WalMart parking lot. But in the end it will all be ok. Also I have to say at this point Havan Fellows is fast becoming a favorite author of mine. Thanks for fixing things for me.