Sweet Story

Home and Heart - Chris Quinton

Ben knows what he wants and he's got a plan, he's working on getting it.

Adam is adrift his world had blown up in his face, yet again and he's lost, in need of love and support. So he turns to the one person who in the past offered him some semblance of security...his grandmother. But when the door to Grandma's house opens it's not grandma who's there but Ben, the sexy, optimistic house-sitter, who in spite of everything gets under Adam's skin and in spite of his efforts finds himself caring for this weary, worn family member of his latest assignment.

As the two find themselves forming a tentative friendship they also find themselves caring for each other more than might be advisable. But when matters of the heart are involved sometimes timing isn't always everything.

Home and Heart was a quick enjoyable holiday read, while it didn't enchant me as much as this author's previous book that I read. I had no problem finishing it.