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Sibling Rivals - Summer Devon

Usually my review of a book on GR and BookLikes are the same as I copy over from one to the other doing the original review on GR and then copy and paste here but after having the window randomly disappear not once but twice over on GR, I decided screw you and GR gets what it got which really isn't a review at all only a comment on why there is no review. Now on to the book...


As one of 7 children this book had me at the title, Sibling Rivals, man could it get any better. Well for me it did. I loved this story and while I can't say it wasn't what I expected because it was. I can say it was IMHO very well done. 


Mark and Peter are brothers. Mark is the oldest and of course the golden child the perfect one, the achiever, family pride and joy, yadda, yadda, yadda. This is of course until he decides to bring his boyfriend home at Christmas time and step out of the figurative closet.  This of course does not go well...and so our story begins.


Peter is the younger brother, the screw up, the trouble maker, the one who can't do anything right...but he's straight or is he? (Being the youngest needless to say I related very well to Peter and how he was perceived by his family).


Colin is Mark's boyfriend...or at least he was until Mark came home for Christmas.


After Mark's Christmas announcement everything changes, except for the fact that Mark, who IMHO started out a douche remains a douche right up until the bitter end. During the course of a family crisis Peter shows himself to be more than the construct of his upbringing and steps up to do what is needed but not necessarily expected of him.


What hooked me and made me stay up until 3 a.m. reading this book was the relationship that developed between Peter and Colin. I liked it and any book that can keep me reading until the wee hours of the morning in my world is a good book, I don't stay up and loose sleep over stories that are dull, boring, predictable or badly written.


I have to admit though this is probably the kind of story that you either love or you don't, for me it was definitely love and I would really love to see Peter and Colin in another story I think there's more to this couple and hope to see what the future has in store for them.