I need to share...

I've been sitting here watching the snow fall pondering some changes that are going to happen very, very soon in my life. Changes that I'm really excited about. Earlier this year my pride and joy and his partner approached me with an idea. We've talked about it, we've bantered ideas back and forth, we roped in the hubby to be our financial consultant, I cashed out a bit of money I had invested to pay of the credit card and set aside a bit for start up funds and a couple of days ago we went to the bank, we opened an account and transferred said start up funds into that account. We have a registered business name, we have set a date, we have a friend who wants to hold a launch party for us, OH GOD I'M GOING INTO BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's right the deed is nearly done and my kiddles and I are starting up a web store, I can't say more than that right now because our Social Media Director will have my hide if I do, she's doing a big announcement on  Twitter and Facebook and who knows where else on January 1, so I'll post more here at that time, because mostly I'm nervous and I'm scared and I want this to succeed so much. It's mostly for my son and his partner. I guess you could say that it's my gift to them, my legacy if you will. Don't get me wrong I have no plans to depart this world for many, many, many more years. But when I do I want to leave them something that we did together and that they will hopefully have fond memories of me from as well as some money in the bank.  So I guess I've chosen this as my place to share my excitement, my hopes, my fears and hopefully get a little encouragement and support from my awesome friends here on Booklikes along the way.


Ok so that was my news for the year ending and beginning. Now I also want to take this time to let all my friends here on BookLikes (and really a lot of you are from GoodReads as well) know that I wish you all the safest and happiest of New Years. I hope that 2014 is a bright and shining year for each and every one of you, making your dreams come true or at least taking you one step closer to where you want to be. I hope that at midnight on December 31, 2013 you all find yourselves in the presence of at least one person who treasures and cherishes you for the amazing person that you are and that your heart is filled with peace, love and joy for the coming year.